Friday, February 29, 2008


Language is a parasite that we've adapted to... Susan Blackmore, noted meme memer

There's nothing to make an English man shit faster than a picture of George Washington... Doris Kearns Goodwin, quoting Abraham Lincoln

All evil starts with 15 volts... Stanley Zimbardo, on the infamous Stanford Prison Experiment

To be a hero, you need to learn to be a deviant... Stanley Zimbardo

Al Queda does not have a return address.... Irwin Redlener, on the ability to ever actually find or contain the terrorist group

Don't look at it... Irwin Redlener, on what to do if a nuclear bomb goes off near you

I was just told I got a D- in Genocide, how do I get it up to a C?... Samantha Power, on how politicians are now trying to upgrade their genocide policies

Fear is a bad advisor... Samantha Power

Advertising is the price companies pay to be unoriginal... Yves Behar, quoting someone whose name escapes me

If it isn't beautiful, it doesn't belong on your face... Yves Behar, on the reason behind the new Jawbone©

It's no longer about putting skins on technology... Yves Behar, on designing from within

If anyone asks why you're carrying around a condom, just say you like the design... Yves Behar

The secret is letting dead people do the work for you... Robert J. Lang, on modern origami

I.Q. test say you become brain surgeon! So study lots!... Amy Tan, on misguided advice

By imagining, I find particles of truth... Amy Tan

When I saw Al Gore in the audience, I said my boyfriend's back and there's gonna be trouble... Tom Reilly

Music is the best way to restore speech and memory in people who have had strokes and suffer from Alzheimers... Tod Machover

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